Persian Mint Drink

Elizabeth Shahan ecs at
Wed Nov 1 16:45:57 PST 1995

In my recipe for persian mint drink, I add the sugar, water and vinegar 
all at the same time, boil for 30 min or longet, till the house smells 
more like vinegar than the syrup. Then I turn it off, let it cool just 
long enough for the bubbles to stop rising, then add the mint and let set 
till cool. I then strain out the mint leaves. This prevents the mint from 
"cooking". This is tha same reason that when Making "proper English Tea" 
that you let the water sit for 30 seconds after removing it from the boil.

 I usually use distilled apple cider vinegar, the white stuff, because 
I've always got it around. I look foreward to experimenting with home-made 
wine vinegar soon, based on an earlier post. Store bought wine vinegar is 
very salty and often flavored, not quite what I want.

Hope these notes help.

BTW for those that were there, that was my mint drink served at Bryn 
Gwlad Baronial, if you missed it you mid\ssed a FEAST!


> > 		 Persian Mint 
Drink (revisited) > > 	4 cups sugar > 	2 1/2 cups water
> bring above to a boil, then add...
> 	1 cup of white vinegar
> then bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes.  
> at this time add:
> 	6 sprigs fresh or 1 tablespoon mint leaves.
> cool and store in sealed containers.
> Before drinking dilute 
> 	1 cup of the syrup with
> 	12 cups of water.
> This should sound a little better.  (Thanks again, Kief....hugs & kisses)
> Claryce

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