[Ansteorra-archery] Your Take on The ABD/APD ISSUE

Agnarr Thorvaldsson agnarr at apex2000.net
Thu May 10 12:55:24 PDT 2001


I have already talked to several of these individuals trying to get them to stay in the CA game.

I personally feel that this is now up to each individual CA at this point.  I agree with these individuals when they say that they have thier own reasons and concerns for there possible quiting of CA. (Hey so do I and yes I wrote my letter's stating my views on this issue to the SEM, SAM and the BoD.)

These individuals understand that I and the rest of the CA do not want them to leave and I have personally asked them to stay active in CA.  I have used the following point to stress that they should stay active in the CA community.

**** We (at least here in Ansteorra) still have a few months to do the testing and make the needed conversions to our equipment before our next big melee events (Gothic, Three Kings, and Fall Melee's come to mind.)  And depending on the styles that are approved,  the APD Decision could have a positive benefit by making the Combat Archer's  MORE DEADLY on the battlefield by improving the flight caracteristics of our ammo (So instead of 5 kills out of 10 shots we could maybe go to 8-10, Wish I had tyhat kill ratio with a sword 8 kills per 10 blows thrown (Big Evil Grin) .

*** the cost for our CA equipment could actually go down depending again on  the type of APD approived . unfortunatley this can go the other way as well.

**** Don't let this new decision make you quit doing what you've enjoyed doing for years in some cases.  The SEM is not appointed to this position for Life and the Next SEM may make this ruling mute by mandating Eye Protection for all combatants, as well as Shoulder pauldrons, and lower leg greaves, and a number of other things to address issues he percieves as dangerous areas of Armored Combat.  (This decision was in his area of responsibility and it was also upheld/approved by the BoD.  So while we may not like it but we have to agree with it.)

And for those that were around for a few years I reminded them of the fighter cards being first issued, hockey gloves, archers having thier arrows nock down in quivers ect.  The end result was that the rules for the game changed but the game itself has not.

Ok Im now going back to my regularly scheduled work-time.


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