[Goanet] New Feature Film "Xapai" to be directed by Sai Paranjpye (in Konkani/English/Hindi)

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Sun Dec 18 15:14:23 PST 2005

Grandpa tale

Screen On & Off

The First Indian International Women's Film Festival, taking place at 89 
Cinemas and Priya cinema, is seeing a steady stream of film-makers and 
actresses breezing through town. After the inauguration by Sonali Kulkarni on 
December 12, film-maker Sai Paranjpye is here to attend a retrospective on her.

The package includes Sparsh, Disha, Papiha, Saaz and Bhago Bhoot. The former 
chairman of Children's Film Society of India is now planning to start her next 
feature, Xapai (meaning grandfather in colloquial Konkani), sometime in March. 
Sai will write and direct the English-Hindi-Konkani film set in Goa.

"It's about a Goan Christian family with a very strong Portuguese hangover. 
There's this old man living in a beautiful crumbling building, with his maid, 
cook and driver. He is approaching 90 and so his children gather around him. 
There's a lot of family intrigue
 It's a black comedy and Habib Tanvir will 
play the lead," says Sai, also planning to release Chakachak — a children's 
film on environment issues made in 2004 — in Calcutta, in the DVD 
format. "Chakachak is certainly not my best film, but it got me the best press 
ever," says she.

"Disha is my favourite film and it's very sad that the prints are not being 
preserved properly. I don't even know if a proper print of Saaz or Sparsh 
exists or not," rues the film-maker who started out as a radio announcer 
before switching to theatre and cinema.

Other Indian women film-makers featured in the ongoing festival are Aparna 
Sen, Mira Nair, Deepa Mehta, Gurinder Chadha, Pamela Rooks and Meghna Gulzar. 
The world cinema section showcases works from Hungary, France, Iran, USA, 
Poland, Italy, Russia and Norway, with Germany in the international focus. The 
seven-day festival has been organised by Kolkata Film and Media Studies.

(The Telegraph - Calcutta)
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