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IN TODAY'S EZINE: So, the results are out. It's 21-18 favouring Congress and
allies in the Goa assembly. Will the Congress and its partymen learn from
their mistakes? Can the people depend on them to deliver governance? Can the
party tame over-ambition and selfishness? Of xapotam and xapoters... details
of a fascinating new book related to Indo-Portuguese and Portuguese colonial
history... a recipe from Rajasthan... a new Goanet poll... listings of who
posted on Goanet last month. If your name is not there, write something
useful and have you say via goanet at goanet.org

 	Latest seat-tally in Goa assembly after bye-election
 	results on June 05, 2005:

 	Congress camp
 	Congress		18
 	NCP			02
 	MGP			01
 	Total			21

 	BJP camp
 	BJP			17
 	UGDP 			01
 	Total 			18

 	[Above figures courtesy digitalgoa.com]

 	Independent MLA Filipe Neri Rodrigues was disqualified
 	by Speaker Vishwas Satarkar, and the matter lies in court.
 	Police recently (reluctantly?) announced that the papers
 	on the basis of which he was disqualified, showing that
 	he had joined the BJP, were forged.
 	High Court has also disqualified two BJP MLAs, and given
 	them a month to appeal. There has been some debate
 	over whether they have a right to vote.

o CLP meet Monday to elect leader, Cong to meet Gov later (Digitalgoa.com)
o Parrikar: accept defeat, will seat in opposition (Digitalgoa.com)
o BJP to be an 'effective opposition' says Parrikar (Digitalgoa.com)
o Sunaparant quotes Wilfred de Souza saying: If Mickky and Nirmala
   win, I'm the CM. (Sunaparant)

o Goa tourism director Elvis Gomes suspended in 'River Princess'
   case.  He was in overall charge of the tendering process for
   removing the vessel lying grounded off the Candolim-Sinquerim
   beach for almost five years. (NT)
o Goa University Registrar Jayant Budkule tenders his resignation.(NT)
   He was an appointee of the Parrikar government, but the media reports
   give no reason other than saying he wanted to "rejoin the teaching
   profession". (NT)

 	SO WHAT'S THE TRUTH? Digitalgoa.com says the children's
 	cell of the Goa Police on Saturday evening raided house
 	of chief election officer Rajiv Yaduvanshi in connection
 	with a complaint of employing a minor maid. Navhind Times
 	reports: "On receiving an anonymous call information that
 	a child has been employed as a domestic servant, the member
 	of the justice juvenile board and director of NES-Childline
 	Ms P Serrao inspected the residence of secretary Rajiv
 	Yaduvanshi and found it was a hoax call." Political message
 	at result time to a politics-tainted bureaucracy?

 	MINERAL FOUNDATION OF GOA gives small adverts in the
 	newspapers on World Environment Day. Deeds, not words?
 	Or a case of few words, few deeds?

 	AN "AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS" is calling for people to
 	"work from home, phone or via the Internet". Wayne
 	Levi http://www.sacktheboss.com -- after the scams
 	Goa has been seeing, some might be skeptical.

 	Phone 832.246 2376.

SIGN OF THE TIME? POOR HEALTHCARE HERE? An advert in the Goa newspapers
reads, "The most preferred heart-care destination in Goa is Wockhardt Heart
Hospital, Bangalore." It says it is soon launching a new 350-bed super
speciality hospital offering services in cardiology/cardiac surgery,
orthopedics, neurology/neurosurgery and women's health at Bangalore.
http://www.wockhardthospitals.com whhi at vsnl.com

o Naptha tanker turns turtle at Cuncolim. (GT/Weekender)
o Panjim fears monsoon fury after IFFI fest. (Nerita Baptista, (H)
o Schools to crack whip on under-aged riders. (H)
o Datta Palekar, arrested for his role in the Mala-Fontainhas
   vandalism case, has been released on bail and surety of Rs 1000.(H)
o Cause of Our Joy, COOJ, a charitable trust, has extended its
   opening of a psychiatric OPD, and inauguration of its
   Sahodaya Chicalim branch in South Goa. (GT/W)
o Montfort ITI, near Ciba at Corlim, offers trades such as
   electrician, electronics, fitter, secretarial practice,
   computer courses, automobile, welding. Conducted by Montfort
   Brothers 2285544 or 2285524 or 9422 387589.
o St Anthony's Academy of Food Services Management offers a number
   of courses at its premises behind St Alex Church, Curtorim.
o Complete ban on all mechanised fishing, including motorised
   canoes, from June 10 to Aug 15, 2005 announced.
o Hotel Mandarin attack case hearing begins tomorrow in Mapusa.GT/W
o Profile in today's papers: Drummer Lester Godinho. Called
   Goa's most famous Jazz drummer. (GT/W, Inacia Rodrigues)
o Portugal's consul general in Goa, Pedro Cabral Adao (35), says:
   "(I am) always in love with music. From classical to pop,
   Jazz to world music. I am even enjoying Konkani music with
   Lorna and Remo, just to mention two of them, and Hindi with
   Zeher." (GT/W)

 	QUOTE: Mine-owner Dattaraj Salgaocar pays tribute to
 	businessman and industrialist late Pascoal Menezes:
 	"Prior to Liberation, the economy of Goa was essentially
 	trade-oriented relying entirely on the imported
 	consumer goods to meet domestic demand in Goa. Late
 	Mr Pascoal Menezes was older to my father V M Salgaocar
 	by six years. Both being in the trading business, they
 	became close friends. For both men, the relationship
 	was one of opposites attracting each other, which
 	went beyond the exigencies of business; they genuinely
 	liked each other and it was not long before my late father
 	was invited to become part of a select group which met once
 	a week, and called itself, with quiet discretion, the
 	Sunday Club, at which the members of the club, who
 	represented a cross-section of the trading community, met
 	regularly to discuss the opportunities and challenges
 	that the trade faced, the tumult and scheming, trials
 	and failures, hard strife, when the Goan trade
 	scenario witnessed the golden era and when men's
 	honour was the only currency worth the name."
 	From Goan Observer, June 4-10, 2005.

June 4, 2005 headlines:

o Governor in Goa for setting up of administrative commission. (NT)
o Jamir suggests think-tank for Goa. (H)
o Officials misleading public on 'River Princess' removal, says
   Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes. (NT)
o All eyes on poll result. (NT)
o Vandals tamed: Datta Palekar arrested for Mala-Fontainhas vandalism. (GT)
o Foreign charter operators want lower prices. (GT)
o Bata shops raided for 'price fixing'. In major raids conducted
   across shoe shops at Margao, Mapusa and Ponda, officials of the
   weights and measures department seized rainy shoes worth Rs 50,000
   after their prices were found smudged. (H)
o Congress is bursting with CM hopefuls: Ravi, Rane, Luizinho named. (H)
o Margao minorities but BJP on defensive. (H)


ASSOLNA: Magno PS Afonso, of Orel. Son of late Joao Salvador Afonso and late
Caetana Salvacao Fernandes, husband of Martha Lewis Afonso, father of
Alaska, Alista and Adison, son-in-law of Diogo Luis and Romaldina Luis,
brother of Paulina, Dores, Protasio, George, Bellino, Natty, Agnes,
Cupertinho, Felix and Mario (Bambino), brother-in-law of Alfred/Rosita,
Filvon, Nancy/Inacio, Sunita/Simon.

 	CANADA/MAJORDA: Cypriano 'Cypru' Godinho. Husband of Frieda Godinho,
 	father of Keith and Kathy-Lu, Son of late Joao Antonio and late
 	Seraphina Godinho, brother of Agnelia Godinho. Son-in-law of late
 	Constance and Virgine Godinho. Brother-in-law of Fredrick/Hazel,
 	Fiona/Adrian, Franky/Lorna. Expired suddenly on June 2. Funeral to
 	take place in Toronto.

CURTORIM: Antonetta Rebello of Fondegall, b 1923. Relict of late Salvador,
mother/in-law of Arcanjo, Anthony (ex-player of Salgaocars)/Maria,
CAetano/Remediana and Julie, grandmum of Penny, Queency, James, Reuben and

 	MARGAO: Gertrudes Manuelina Almeida e Noronha b 1920.
 	Wife of late Aloysius Noronha, mother/in-law of Fiona/
 	George, Ronnie/Kipson, Goretti (all Canada), Fatima
 	(Germany), sister of late Amelia Dourado, late Ida Vaz,
 	Sarita, late Jovino Almeida, Anecio (Brazil), grandmother
 	of Deidre, Penny/Paul, Shane, Aaron, Nigel and Adrian (all
 	Canada). Funeral from Alta-Monte residence June 5, afternoon.

MARGAO: Severina D'Mello of Gogol Housing Board. b 1944. Wife of Vitorino
D'Mello, mother/in-law of Baptist D'Mello/Espy and Constantine/Simon

NAVELIM: Pedro Antonio Goes of Dialgona. Father of Zacharian Goes,
ex-sarpanch of VP Telaulim and founder member of Holy Cross Club, Dialgona.

RAIA: Joana Manelina Dias of Gandhi Road. b 1926. Wife of late Francisco
Xavier Dias, mother of Menino, Marian, George, Arcanje and Dulsin,
mother-in-law of Cynthia, Angelina, Regina, Januario and Camillo. Expired

SANQUELIM: Julian Francis D'Souza, b 1931. Husband of Thereza D'Souza,
father/in-law of Peter/Sandra, Bernadina/Seby, Rosario/Genevi,

TELAULIM-NAVELIM: Pedro Antonio Goes, b 1933. Retired staff nurse of
Hospicio Hospital Margao. From Dialgona, Telaulim, Navelim. Husband of
Gemina, father/in-law of Olezia/Raymond (Kenya), Zacarias
(ex-Chowgules/Dubai), Carmen (Hospicio), Cremy (Cottage Hospital,
Chicalim)/Arlindo (MPT). Brother/in-law of Ismenia (retired nurse,
IPHB, Altinho)/late Joao Luis Lobo (Corlim) expired on June 2.

VANXIM(DIVAR)/ASSONORA/POONA: Clotildes Mascarenhas, b 1928. Daughter of
late Inacio and late Catarina Pinto, sister of Teresa/late Roque, wife of
late Alex Mascarenhas. Mother/in-law of Sebastian/Ursula (Siolim),
Patrick/Marie, Maureen/Lawrence, Cornelius/Anuradha (all Poona). Interred at

VASCO: Justiano Gomes, MPT-CME Dept. Ex-MPT football player. b 1953. Husband
of Angelica, father of Anerty and Astrid. Son of late Caitan Lawrence Gomes
and late Maria Luiza Vaz, brother/in-law of Francis, Jacob/Viniza(Scotland),
Jacinta (Kuwait)/late Anthony Britto, Rosy/Senty Coutinho (brother).
Brother-in-law of Santana/late Alipio, Filomen/Lawrence, Gonzago/Sharmila,
Angela/Angelo (Dubai). Expired under tragic circumstances. Funeral from
Mundvel Monday June 6 at 3.15 pm.


 	GOA PLAYS, BUT ONLY JUST: Nike's Play-to-Win football talent
 	search competition at Don Bosco (Panjim) was low in
 	numbers but high on excitement. The Goa entries, numbering
 	284, paled in comparison to those of their Bangalore and
 	Kochi counterparts. But on the entertinment, enthusiasm
 	and excitement quotient, Goa lived up to its Mecca tag.

o Goa enters semis in mini volleyball. (H)
o Steffi Cardozo bagged silver in girls under-18 shot-put at the nationals
   youth athletic championships at Kanteerva stadium. (H)
o Adarsh YS Saligao scored a comfortable 3-1 win over CRC Chinchinim
   in the semis of the Lakhanpal Gold Soccer at Candolim, entering semis.H
o Survivor Zuari defeated St Caitan Merces 4-1 to advance in the
   St Anthony's soccer at Firguembhat grounds, Goa Velha. (H)
o Agassaim beat Colva 3-1 in the Fernando Memorial soccer at Verna.

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NEW MAILING LIST: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GoenchimXapotam/

Description from its founder Dr Santosh Helecar of Houston (also known as
Pandurang Fernandes of the Republic of Chimbel): This is a forum for all
outspoken Goans and Goaphiles who want to happily engage in heated debates
on an unlimited and unrestricted assortment of controversial subjects.

 	He explains further: "From what I know, in Chimolchi/Ponnjechi
 	Konknni "xapotam" ... refers to things said in
 	argumentative/combative discourse by people who may or may not know
 	what they are talking about. A xapoti or xapoterr (in Sashti, I
 	believe it is xapotcar) is a man who is self-assertive and
 	opinionated. The word is used invariably in a derogatory sense. But
 	in the Goa of my youth even justified assertiveness i.e. speaking
 	out with reason or proper justification, was regarded as a negative
 	quality. Children and students who asked questions were looked down
 	upon as a rule by their peers and grown-ups. I can even remember
 	folks calling genuinely knowledgeable and enlightened individuals
 	xapoterr for expressing their views in a forthright manner."

 	"Therefore, if you have not guessed it by now, given my rebellious
 	nature, the reason for calling this forum Goenchim Xapotam is to
 	rebel against these derisive connotations of "xapotam", and to wrest
 	from Goa of yesteryears an entirely neutral meaning for it."

DON'T WORK TO DESTROY OTHERS: Dr Joaquim DeSouza writes in with a
Tiscali.Italy address: "Frankly lets stop behaving like we Goans seem to be
doing normally which is destroy other Goans. Why can we not become as other
communities where we are proud to see fellow Goans succeed? My sincere
personal suggestion to fellow Goans is why can we not all as Goans assist
fellow Goans top succeed, as other societies are doing this with proven
responses, while we are trying to drag those who have succeeded! And may I
add, with no help from most of us."

BADAL MALICK OF THE WORLD BANK <bmalick at worldbank.org> writes int o say that
the World Bank's Water and Sanitation Program -- South Asia has been
"supporting the PWD, Goa in a series of reforms to improve the quality of
water and sanitation services". He says ne of the central aspects of this
reform includes strengthening mechanisms for public accountability and
direct consumer-provider engagement, especially for the poor.

 	Badal will be in Goa in the coming week "at the request of the PWD
 	to review the existing systems to redress citizen's grievances
 	(particularly a helpline that was introduced a few months ago)."
 	Based on this assessment, WSP-SA has been asked to recommend options
 	to implement an "improved and efficient" complaint management
 	system. This should include broader approaches for greater civic
 	engagement in water and sanitation service delivery in Goa, says
 	Badal. You can send in your feedback. The loss of Goa's traditional
 	water system, and its replacement by a inefficient, costly and
 	corruption-prone centralised system, is perhaps an issue for debate.

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%B   Indo-Portuguese History -- Global Trends
%C   Panjim, Goa, India
%D   March 31, 2005
%E   Fatima da Silva Gracias, Celsa Pinto, Charles Borges
%G   ISBN 81-7525-597-8
%H   Proceedings of the XI International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese
      History, 2003. Silver Jubilee Session.
%I   Research Institute for Women, Goa; Centro de Historia
      de Alem Mar; Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
%P   478 pp, price not mentioned.

An interesting, large-sized book consisting of a number of interesting
papers presented at a Goa seminar. Themes include George Winius on the
Luso-Dutch rivalry in Asia; Dejanirah Couto on the interpreters or 'Linguas'
in the sixteenth century Portuguese Empire; Lotika Varadarajan on
Indo-Portuguese textiles; Helder Carita on the architectural structures of
Hindu temples and parish churches in Goa; John Everaert on shifting the
'diamond connection' -- Antwerp and the gem trade with Portuguese India;
Stephen Michaelsen on the German Welser company in Portugal and Asia in the
sixteenth century; Joseph Velinkar on the early visits to India and portugal
and individual trade; and B Arunachalam on Portuguese cartography of the
Indian coasts during the 16th century. Details from Fatima Gracias
<fatimgra at sancharnet.in>

If you know of a Goa-related book review, please draw our attention to it.
More on Goa-related books at http://goabooks.swiki.net

CULINARY CORNER * From Daisy Rodrigues, Calif. Feedback daisy at goanet.org

The cuisine of Rajasthan is a product of its geographical, historical and
cultural background, it has its own unique flavor and the simplest and the
most basic of ingredients go into the preparation of many of its dishes.
This popular meat kebab from Rajasthan is quick and easy to prepare and full
of flavor. Maas Ka Sula

 	Boneless meat cut into strips (about 500 grams)
 	Juice of 2 limes
 	2 tsp. ginger-garlic paste
 	Salt to taste
 	1 tbsp raw papaya paste
 	1 tbsp. chili powder
 	Yogurt or curd- 200gm (strain in cloth overnight-throw out the
 	1/3 cup of caramelized or browned onion paste
 	1 tbsp. desiccated coconut
 	Pure ghee for basting
 	Skewers placed in water to soak

Rub the meat with limejuice, half of the ginger/garlic paste, salt and raw
papaya paste.  Let it rest for about 15 minutes.  Beat the curd/yogurt until
smooth.  Mix with the remaining ginger/garlic paste, chili powder, brown
onion paste, desiccated coconut and oil, marinate the meat in it for about 4
to 5 hours or preferably overnight.

Take each strip of meat, pierce and place on the skewers.  Baste with pure
ghee and cook over hot coals or in a tandoor.  The kebabs may be grilled in
an oven.  But I was told that coals give best results.  Serve hot with
shredded onions, lime wedges and green chili.

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