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Greetings all,

Ranveig, this is great!  I agree with Gianos points (I
did not realise gescharb is a container, I always
assumed it was a way of chopping or mincing an
ingredient) and I do have some comments I want to add,
but my priority today has to be prepping food for a
friends vigil this evening.  (Im enjoying the rain but
for her sake I wish it had been nice and sunny, I know
she hoped for dancing outside.)

Tomorrow I will sit down and make notes and send them
your way (if thats ok with you)  But Im totally
impressed!  You have words on there that never occured
to me (probably from sections of the book I have not
really investigated) and I cant wait to give your
glossary the attention it deserves.

In Service (and excitement)
Gwen Cat 

--- Volker Bach <carlton_bach at yahoo.de> wrote:

> Am Freitag, 23. März 2007 06:46 schrieb
> ranvaig at columbus.rr.com:
> > And also uploaded my working glossary.  If you
> have time to look it
> > over and comment, I'd be MOST appreciative.  Where
> appropriate,
> > modern German is in parentheses. (This started as
> a list of spices,
> > and there are still a few words on it that are not
> in Rumpolt).
> >
> Taking a look right now...
> gebeht still exists as 'gebäht' in South German
> dialects. It describes 
> toasting bread, which is then sometimes grated. de
> Rontzier has a recipe for 
> pavises that clearly are gebeht, but not grated. 
> Agrestbeere may well mean any sour berry, but still
> designates the gooseberry 
> in parts of Germany.
> Drappe I believe is bustard. Contempooraries already
> use 'Kranich' for crane
> eingebrennt may designate something like the modern
> 'Mwehlschwitze', a roux 
> variant, rather than baking. I still haven't figured
> it out completely
> a 'gescharb' is a pottery container, some kind of
> shallow bowl.
> Hammelskäul is a leg of mutton (to this day 'Keule'
> is the technical term for 
> a drumstick of poultry or leg of lamb)
> Hinterlauf is the hind leg of game, esp. small game
> Karwenada is a variant of Carbonado, also Karbanart,
> Karbenart and Karwanart. 
> Did I send you the de Rontzier chapter translation
> on those?
> Pouesen is a variant of Pavesen, Povesen, Pavisen.
> Literally it means a large, 
> square infantry shield, in culinary terms these are
> baked slices of white 
> bread or cake with a sweet topping
> Priseindel may be de Rontzier's Preseindel - I don't
> know the origins of this, 
> but it designates a souplike boiled meat dish made
> with thin strips of meat 
> boiled in broth with herbs.
> I think 'Rolen' is a misprint for 'Kolen' - the
> coals or glowing embers.
> That's all I can help you weith right now, I'm
> afraid
> Ciao
> Giano

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