[html5] r2895 - [] (0) Remove localStorage from Workers for now.

whatwg at whatwg.org whatwg at whatwg.org
Mon Mar 23 16:57:22 PDT 2009

Author: ianh
Date: 2009-03-23 16:57:22 -0700 (Mon, 23 Mar 2009)
New Revision: 2895

[] (0) Remove localStorage from Workers for now.

Modified: source
--- source	2009-03-23 23:42:48 UTC (rev 2894)
+++ source	2009-03-23 23:57:22 UTC (rev 2895)
@@ -59336,7 +59336,6 @@
   <!-- the XXX below is for collapsing this interface onto WorkerGlobalScope so it looks like just one interface - the inheritance is a spec fiction only -->
   <pre class="idl">[NoInterfaceObject, ImplementedOn=WorkerGlobalScope, XXX] interface <dfn>WorkerUtils</dfn> {
   void <span title="dom-WorkerGlobalScope-importScripts">importScripts</span>([Variadic] in DOMString urls);
-  readonly attribute <span>Storage</span> <span title="dom-localStorage">localStorage</span>;
   readonly attribute <span>Navigator</span> <span title="dom-navigator">navigator</span>;
   <span>Database</span> <span title="dom-opendatabase">openDatabase</span>(in DOMString name, in DOMString version, in DOMString displayName, in unsigned long estimatedSize);<!--
   void <span title="dom-showNotification">showNotification</span>(in DOMString title, in DOMString subtitle, in DOMString description, [Optional] in VoidCallback onclick); XXX-NOTIFY -->
@@ -59493,9 +59492,9 @@
   <h4>APIs defined in other specifications</h4>
-  <p>The <dfn title="dom-localStorage"><code>localStorage</code></dfn>,
-  <dfn title="dom-opendatabase"><code>openDatabase()</code></dfn> must
-  act as defined for the APIs with the same names on the
+  <p>The <dfn
+  title="dom-opendatabase"><code>openDatabase()</code></dfn> method
+  must act as defined for the API with the same name on the
   <code>Window</code> object in the HTML5 specification, with the
   exception that where the API would use the <span>origin</span> of
   the <span>active document</span> of the <span>browsing
@@ -59504,11 +59503,13 @@
   of the script that invoked the method. <a
   <p>The <dfn
   methods must act as defined for the APIs with the same names on the
   <code>Window</code> object in the HTML5 specification. <a
   <h4>Interface objects and constructors</h4>

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