[html5] r3336 - [e] (0) postprocessor update

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Sun Jun 28 17:59:26 PDT 2009

Author: ianh
Date: 2009-06-28 17:59:25 -0700 (Sun, 28 Jun 2009)
New Revision: 3336

[e] (0) postprocessor update

Modified: source
--- source	2009-06-29 00:35:21 UTC (rev 3335)
+++ source	2009-06-29 00:59:25 UTC (rev 3336)
@@ -66764,7 +66764,7 @@
   <p>The main page is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE primes/page.html</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/primes/page.html</pre>
   <p>The <code title="dom-Worker">Worker()</code> constructor call
   creates a worker and returns a <code>Worker</code> object
@@ -66775,7 +66775,7 @@
   <p>The worker itself is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE primes/worker.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/primes/worker.js</pre>
   <p>The bulk of this code is simply an unoptimized search for a prime
   number. To send a message back to the page, the <code
@@ -66804,7 +66804,7 @@
   <p>The worker itself is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE database-updater/worker.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/database-updater/worker.js</pre>
   <p>This connects to the server using the <code>WebSocket</code>
   mechanism and opens the local database (which, we presume, has been
@@ -66830,20 +66830,20 @@
   <p>The main page is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE stocks/page.html</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/stocks/page.html</pre>
   <p>The two workers use a common library for performing the actual
   network calls. This library is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE stocks/io.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/stocks/io.js</pre>
   <p>The stock updater worker is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE stocks/ticker.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/stocks/ticker.js</pre>
   <p>The search query worker is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE stocks/searcher.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/stocks/searcher.js</pre>
   <p><a href="http://www.whatwg.org/demos/workers/stocks/page.html">View this example online</a>.</p>
@@ -66861,11 +66861,11 @@
   <p>The main page isn't interesting, it merely provides a way to open
   the viewers:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE multiviewer/page.html</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/multiviewer/page.html</pre>
   <p>The viewer is more involved:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE multiviewer/viewer.html</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/multiviewer/viewer.html</pre>
   <p>There are several key things worth noting about the way the
   viewer is written.</p>
@@ -66886,7 +66886,7 @@
   <p>Finally, the worker:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE multiviewer/worker.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/multiviewer/worker.js</pre>
   <p><strong>Connecting to multiple pages</strong>. The script uses
   the <code
@@ -66914,18 +66914,18 @@
   <p>The main page is as follows, it just reports the result:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE primes/page.html</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/primes/page.html</pre>
   <p>The worker itself is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE multicore/worker.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/multicore/worker.js</pre>
   <p>It consists of a loop to start the subworkers, and then a handler
   that waits for all the subworkers to respond.</p>
   <p>The subworkers are implemented as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE multicore/core.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/multicore/core.js</pre>
   <p>They receive two numbers in two events, perform the computation
   for the range of numbers thus specified, and then report the result
@@ -66968,33 +66968,33 @@
   <p>The library itself is as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE crypto/libcrypto-v1.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/crypto/libcrypto-v1.js</pre>
   <p>Note that the crypto functions here are just stubs and don't do
   real cryptography.</p>
   <p>This library could be used as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE crypto/page.html</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/crypto/page.html</pre>
   <p>A later version of the API, though, might want to offload all the
   crypto work onto subworkers. This could be done as follows:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE crypto/libcrypto-v2.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/crypto/libcrypto-v2.js</pre>
   <p>The little subworkers would then be as follows.</p>
   <p>For generating key pairs:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE crypto/libcrypto-v2-generator.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/crypto/libcrypto-v2-generator.js</pre>
   <p>For encrypting:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE crypto/libcrypto-v2-encryptor.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/crypto/libcrypto-v2-encryptor.js</pre>
   <p>For decrypting:</p>
-  <pre>EXAMPLE crypto/libcrypto-v2-decryptor.js</pre>
+  <pre>EXAMPLE workers/crypto/libcrypto-v2-decryptor.js</pre>
   <p>Notice how the users of the API don't have to even know that this
   is happening — the API hasn't changed; the library can

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