[html5] r3838 - [e] (0) Tidy up the cookie resurrection text.

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Mon Sep 14 00:43:48 PDT 2009

Author: ianh
Date: 2009-09-14 00:43:48 -0700 (Mon, 14 Sep 2009)
New Revision: 3838

[e] (0) Tidy up the cookie resurrection text.

Modified: source
--- source	2009-09-14 07:18:39 UTC (rev 3837)
+++ source	2009-09-14 07:43:48 UTC (rev 3838)
@@ -63641,18 +63641,22 @@
    <dt>Treating persistent storage as cookies</dt>
-    <p>User agents should present the
+    <p>If users attempt to protect their privacy by clearing cookies
+    without also clearing data stored in the
     <!--END database-->
-    persistent storage feature
+    persistent storage
     <!--END storage-->
     <!--START database-->
-    database feature
+    database
     <!--START storage-->
-    to the user in a way that associates them strongly with HTTP
-    session cookies. <a href="#refsCOOKIES">[COOKIES]</a></p>
-    <p>This might encourage users to view such storage with healthy
-    suspicion.</p>
+    feature, sites can defeat those attempts by using the two features
+    as redundant backup for each other. User agents should present the
+    interfaces for clearing these in a way that helps users to
+    understand this possibility and enables them to delete data in all
+    persistent storage features simultaneously. <a
+    href="#refsCOOKIES">[COOKIES]</a></p>
@@ -63726,16 +63730,6 @@
   separate sessions into coherent user profiles.</p>
-  <h5>Cookie resurrection</h5>
-  <p>If the user interface for persistent storage presents data in the
-  persistent storage features described in this specification
-  separately from data in HTTP session cookies, then users are likely
-  to delete data in one and not the other. This would allow sites to
-  use the two features as redundant backup for each other, defeating a
-  user's attempts to protect his privacy.</p>
   <h5>Sensitivity of data</h5>
   <p>User agents should treat persistently stored data as potentially

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