[html5] r3854 - [giow] (2) Cloning an <input> element saves state.

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Mon Sep 14 22:32:48 PDT 2009

Author: ianh
Date: 2009-09-14 22:32:47 -0700 (Mon, 14 Sep 2009)
New Revision: 3854

[giow] (2) Cloning an <input> element saves state.

Modified: index
--- index	2009-09-15 04:06:00 UTC (rev 3853)
+++ index	2009-09-15 05:32:47 UTC (rev 3854)
@@ -32018,9 +32018,7 @@
   <a href=#value-sanitization-algorithm>value sanitization algorithm</a>, if the <code title=attr-input-type><a href=#attr-input-type>type</a></code> attribute's current state
   defines one.</p>
-  <p>Each <code><a href=#the-input-element>input</a></code> element has a boolean <dfn id=concept-input-mutability title=concept-input-mutability>mutability flag</dfn>. When it is
-  true, the element is said to be <dfn id=concept-input-mutable title=concept-input-mutable><i>mutable</i></dfn>, and when it is
-  false the element is <dfn id=concept-input-immutable title=concept-input-immutable><i>immutable</i></dfn>. Unless
+  <p>Each <code><a href=#the-input-element>input</a></code> element is either <dfn id=concept-input-mutable title=concept-input-mutable><i>mutable</i></dfn> or <dfn id=concept-input-immutable title=concept-input-immutable><i>immutable</i></dfn>. Unless
   otherwise specified, an <code><a href=#the-input-element>input</a></code> element is always <i title=concept-input-mutable><a href=#concept-input-mutable>mutable</a></i>. Unless otherwise
   specified, the user agent should not allow the user to modify the
   element's <a href=#concept-fe-value title=concept-fe-value>value</a> or <a href=#concept-fe-checked title=concept-fe-checked>checkedness</a>.</p>
@@ -32036,6 +32034,10 @@
   some cases (e.g. for the <a href=#date-state title=attr-input-type-date>Date</a> state, but not the <a href=#checkbox-state title=attr-input-type-checkbox>Checkbox</a> state) make an
   <code><a href=#the-input-element>input</a></code> element <i title=concept-input-immutable><a href=#concept-input-immutable>immutable</a></i>.</p>
+  <p>When an <code><a href=#the-input-element>input</a></code> element is cloned, the element's <a href=#concept-fe-value title=concept-fe-value>value</a>, <a href=#concept-input-value-dirty-flag title=concept-input-value-dirty-flag>dirty value flag</a>,
+  <a href=#concept-fe-checked title=concept-fe-checked>checkedness</a>, and <a href=#concept-input-checked-dirty-flag title=concept-input-checked-dirty-flag>dirty checkedness
+  flag</a> must be propagated to the clone when it is created.</p>
   <p>The <code title=attr-fae-form><a href=#attr-fae-form>form</a></code> attribute is used to

Modified: source
--- source	2009-09-15 04:06:00 UTC (rev 3853)
+++ source	2009-09-15 05:32:47 UTC (rev 3854)
@@ -35520,11 +35520,8 @@
   title="attr-input-type">type</code> attribute's current state
   defines one.</p>
-  <p>Each <code>input</code> element has a boolean <dfn
-  title="concept-input-mutability">mutability flag</dfn>. When it is
-  true, the element is said to be <dfn
-  title="concept-input-mutable"><i>mutable</i></dfn>, and when it is
-  false the element is <dfn
+  <p>Each <code>input</code> element is either <dfn
+  title="concept-input-mutable"><i>mutable</i></dfn> or <dfn
   title="concept-input-immutable"><i>immutable</i></dfn>. Unless
   otherwise specified, an <code>input</code> element is always <i
   title="concept-input-mutable">mutable</i>. Unless otherwise
@@ -35550,6 +35547,13 @@
   <code>input</code> element <i
+  <p>When an <code>input</code> element is cloned, the element's <span
+  title="concept-fe-value">value</span>, <span
+  title="concept-input-value-dirty-flag">dirty value flag</span>,
+  <span title="concept-fe-checked">checkedness</span>, and <span
+  title="concept-input-checked-dirty-flag">dirty checkedness
+  flag</span> must be propagated to the clone when it is created.</p>
   <p>The <code title="attr-fae-form">form</code> attribute is used to

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