[html5] when should fire the body.onload?

徐 征 xz911jp at yahoo.co.jp
Mon Feb 15 16:23:51 PST 2010

Dear all

My name is Zheng Xu from China.

I do not know if it is correct to ask such a question on
this ML.
If there is some other ML, appreciate you to let me know.

When I am implementing web browser based on HTML5,
I meeted following some question about body.onload.
Would you like give me some answer or hint?

1. When should body.onload event fired.
I have investigated in HTML5 and find following
description in "4.8.7 The video element".
"The user agent finishes fetching the entire media
Is this the definition of body.onload?
Based on the above definition, I think that body.onload
should be fired
when whole data be complete fetched from network.
(For example, should be fired before fetched image data is
complete decoded.)
Am I correct?

2. If body.onload is defined as above, why "delay the load
event" is defined again?

3. What element may "delay the load event"?
   What (type of) elements may (should) "delay the load
event" supposed by HTML5?


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