[html5] r5168 - [ac] (0) Allow WebSRT files to be used for metadata (and thus not use the regula [...]

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Thu Jul 15 16:54:55 PDT 2010

Author: ianh
Date: 2010-07-15 16:54:55 -0700 (Thu, 15 Jul 2010)
New Revision: 5168

[ac] (0) Allow WebSRT files to be used for metadata (and thus not use the regular cue text format).

Modified: source
--- source	2010-07-14 22:06:44 UTC (rev 5167)
+++ source	2010-07-15 23:54:55 UTC (rev 5168)
@@ -25432,6 +25432,13 @@
+  <p>If the elements's <span>track URL</span> identifies a
+  <span>WebSRT</span> resource, and the element's <code
+  title="attr-track-kind">kind</code> attribute is not in the <span
+  title="attr-track-kind-metadata">metadata</span> state, then the
+  <span>WebSRT</span> file must <span>WebSRT file using cue
+  text</span>.</p>
   <p>The <dfn title="attr-track-srclang"><code>srclang</code></dfn>
   attribute gives the language of the time track data. The value must
   be a valid BCP 47 language tag. This attribute must be present if
@@ -28702,19 +28709,19 @@
      <td><span title="attr-track-kind-subtitles">Subtitles</span>
-     <td><code title="dom-track-kind-subtitles">subtitles</code>
+     <td><code title="dom-timedtrack-kind-subtitles">subtitles</code>
      <td><span title="attr-track-kind-captions">Captions</span>
-     <td><code title="dom-track-kind-captions">captions</code>
+     <td><code title="dom-timedtrack-kind-captions">captions</code>
      <td><span title="attr-track-kind-descriptions">Descriptions</span>
-     <td><code title="dom-track-kind-descriptions">descriptions</code>
+     <td><code title="dom-timedtrack-kind-descriptions">descriptions</code>
      <td><span title="attr-track-kind-chapters">Chapters</span>
-     <td><code title="dom-track-kind-chapters">chapters</code>
+     <td><code title="dom-timedtrack-kind-chapters">chapters</code>
      <td><span title="attr-track-kind-metadata">Metadata</span>
-     <td><code title="dom-track-kind-metadata">metadata</code>
+     <td><code title="dom-timedtrack-kind-metadata">metadata</code>
   <p>The <span>timed track label</span> is the element's <span>track
@@ -29897,9 +29904,22 @@
    <li>Optionally, one or more U+0020 SPACE characters or U+0009 CHARACTER TABULATION (tab) characters followed by <span>WebSRT cue settings</span>.</li>
    <li>A <span>WebSRT line terminator</span>.</li>
    <li>Optionally, a <span>WebSRT voice declaration</span> followed by zero or more U+0020 SPACE characters or U+0009 CHARACTER TABULATION (tab) characters.</li>
-   <li><span>WebSRT cue text</span>.</li>
+   <li>The <dfn>cue payload</dfn>: either <span>WebSRT cue text</span> or <span>WebSRT metadata text</span>.</li>
+  <p><span>WebSRT cue text</span> is syntactically a subset of
+  <span>WebSRT metadata text</span>. Conformance checkers, when
+  validating <span>WebSRT</span> files, may offer to restrict all cues
+  to only having <span>WebSRT cue text</span> as their <dfn>cue
+  payload</dfn>; <span>WebSRT metadata text</span> cues are only
+  useful for scripted applications (using the <code
+  title="dom-timedtrack-kind-metadata">metadata</code> <span>timed
+  track kind</span>).</p>
+  <p>A <span>WebSRT file</span> whose cues all have a <span>cue
+  payload</span> that is <span>WebSRT cue text</span> is said to be a
+  <dfn>WebSRT file using cue text</dfn>.</p>
   <p>A <dfn>WebSRT line terminator</dfn> consists of one of the
@@ -30121,6 +30141,15 @@
    <li>A U+003E GREATER-THAN SIGN character (>).</li>
+  <p><dfn>WebSRT metadata text</dfn> consists of any sequence of one
+  or more characters other than U+000A LINE FEED (LF) characters and
+  U+000D CARRIAGE RETURN (CR) characters, each optionally separated
+  from the next by a <span>WebSRT line terminator</span>. (In other
+  words, any text that does not have two consecutive <span
+  title="WebSRT line terminator">WebSRT line terminators</span> and
+  does not start or end with a <span>WebSRT line
+  terminator</span>.)</p>
   <p><dfn>WebSRT cue text</dfn> consists of one or more of the
   following components, in any order, each optionally separated from
   the next by a <span>WebSRT line terminator</span>:</p>

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