[html5] OGG in HTML5

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Tue Dec 11 17:18:11 PST 2007

Paul Burns writes:

> It was my understanding that only the language placing emphasis on OGG
> has a format that should be required by implementors has been removed.
> Instead, there is now language specifying a non-encumbered format, but
> no strict details showing preference for one format or another.

Sort-of, but not entirely.  The language specifying Ogg _has_ been
removed (since there wasn't consensus on it), but what's replaced it is
a placeholder that effectively says "we need to decide what goes here
before we can publish the final spec":


With explanation from the editor who made the change here:


The important thing to note is that the current text is a _placeholder_,
identifying this as a "big issue" which needs resolving, and that the
editor said the Ogg requirement made been removed "temporarily".

Nobody is suggesting that the current wording is what the final spec
should be published using!


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