[HTML5] [html] Elements within "title"?

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Tue Feb 27 01:48:43 PST 2007

Jens Meiert wrote:
> I once again [1] need to ask why the "title" element must not contain 
> other elements, although this might be quite desirable for certain 
> elements (like "abbr", for example)?

For compatibility reasons in HTML, title cannot contain elements because 
of the way it is parsed.  It would be possible to do so in XHTML, but 
then that would be another incompatibility between the 2 languages and 
there is also limited usefulness in doing so anyway, since many of the 
use cases for title are plain text.  e.g. the window's title bar, 
bookmarks, search results, etc.

Lachlan Hunt

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