[HTML5] Detecting whether the UA (browser) can accept HTML 5

Brian Smith brian at briansmith.org
Thu Jun 14 12:27:33 PDT 2007

HTML 5 defines new ways to do things that we have been doing in HTML 4 for years. For example, <INPUT TYPE='email'> is a new, presumably better, alternative to <INPUT TYPE='text'> to get an email address from the user. I would like to use it whenever possible, but fall back to <INPUT TYPE='text'> when the browser doesn't support it.
In particular, I would like to author my documents in HTML 5, use an XSLT transform to convert them to HTML 4, and then serve the HTML 5 document to browsers that understand it, and the HTML 4 document to browsers that don't. But, how do I know whether or not the browser understands HTML 5?
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