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roger at stat.Berkeley.EDU roger at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Dec 29 15:06:12 PST 2008

to the forum:

Using the most recent version of WebKit,
I just tried Demo3(localStorage)
provided by Ian Hickson at the site:


and it worked just as shown in the YouTube video.
But I think I am missing the bigger picture,
because I expected that if I quit the
browser, and opened the file


I would see the text I had entered into
the textarea (titled "Editor"). But first.txt
appeared to have no text in it. Could someone
explain why the text was not saved into
the file? I am hoping the answer will be
of the form:

You need to have some auxiliary files
present . . .

and not of the form:

What you expected will likely never be
possible in an offline web application because
of the ususal security issues involved
with browsers and the local file system . . .

(I am using a March 2008 MacBook
with OS X 10.5.2. I did Demo3
offline (AirPort turned off).
And as I said, everything worked
exactly as shown in the video.)

Thank you,

Roger Purves

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