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roger at stat.Berkeley.EDU roger at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Dec 31 18:28:07 PST 2008

to Ian:

You write

> the use of "first.txt" in the demo was maybe
> unfortunate in this regard.

How could you possibly have forseen that someone
as uninformed as I am on the technicalities of
the internet would watch the video? I doubt
anyone present at the talk misunderstood the
nature of first.txt, earlier.txt in the way
I did.

I am sorry that I don't know enough to follow
the rest of the advice in your reply. However,
a different example at:


did provide a key part of what I am after:
no reliance on a server.

The application (a primitive Stickies)
runs fine within a browser while offline,
and, like the original Stickies and many
other desktop programs, is in no way
dependent for storage (or any other
functioning) on the existence of a server.
At least I think this is so, based on
the use of a program called sqlite3 to
check that the data entered was saved to
the MacBook hard drive, and that this
data was preserved when the MacBook
was shut down. (All work done with
AirPort turned off, so no external
server was saving the data.)

Thank you for your reply (and
the very instructive videos).

Roger Purves

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