[html5] Feature proposal - directory upload

Keryx Web webmaster at keryx.se
Sat Jun 28 11:10:17 PDT 2008

--==[FReeZ]==-- skrev:
> (X)HTML doesn't offer any feature to solve it. I suggest to implement
> input type='directory' to upload the whole directory, and a special
> attribute recursive="true|false" which is false by default. The rest
> would be similar to input type='file' to avoid a possible confusion,
> and to keep the compatibility with current server side programming
> languages.


This is the help list and it sounds like you actually want to suggest a 
feature. This list is intended for a web developer's implementation issues.

I do however believe that the omnipresent Hixie reads this and will pick 
it up...

The issue of multiple file upload has already seen some thought and 
perhaps you (Freez) should check it out. 

This (by FreeZ) current proposal *must* have two checks (if it is doable 
at all):

1. Max size, to stop someone from uploading a full directory of several 
hundred uncompressed raw images...

2. Filtering even if the accept attribute is omitted. Mac OS metadata 
and Windows thumbnails, etc should be omitted. All hidden files and 
directories should default to be excluded.

Lars Gunther

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