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As many popular browsers now allow dynamic generation of their HTML via 
to the point where many pages are more an application than a document (often 
including the ability to
move and resize "windows"); I think JavaScript-enabled browsers would have 
to make the units map to the
displayed size; or a simple resize of  any image map/ image combination 
would render it unusable. But even ignoring this;
and looking at an HTML-only browser I still think it should be required that 
the units map to the displayed
size or it might not be clear that the units should work with an image even 
when it is mapped with a
simple resize using  <IMG WIDTH="nn"  HEIGHT="nn" > . That is, at a minimum 
I should be able to
display the same image file multiple times at different sizes in the same 
HTML document and just use the one map (assuming the map uses
percent units).  Usage seems much clearer to me; and utility is definitely 
betterl and more consistent (in that IMG allows image rescaling but
maps would not). What is the advantage
to leaving it implementation-dependent? That is, I'm having trouble 
understanding why a browser would
want to make percent units NOT scale to the displayed size?  Do these 
browsers also ignore WIDTH and
HEIGHT on the IMG element?

John S. Urban

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> On Wed, 11 Feb 2009, John S. Urban wrote:
>> Just to make sure -- Will the definition be that percent units apply to
>> the displayed size, or to the pixmap size? I would hope they apply to
>> the displayed size, and adjust if the image changes size dynamically.
>> So if a square in a pixmap is displayed as a non-square rectangle the
>> units would cover the entire rectangle.
> It will likely depend on browser implementations.
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