[html5] Tag Clouds with em

Edward O'Connor hober0 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 14:01:44 PDT 2009

> I thought the nesting of em elements would be great for semantic tag
> clouds. But now I read the spec carefully and it says:
>  > The em element also isn't intended to convey importance; for that
> purpose, the strong element is more appropriate.
> Now, I heard that the strong element might not be meant to be nested,
> however, the spec gives an example with nested strong elements.
> So, should I use nested strongs for a tag cloud or rather ems?

The primary difference betwen emphasis and importance in the spec is
that importance doesn't change the meaning of the text, but emphasis

Changing the importance of a piece of text with the strong element
does not change the meaning of the sentence.

The placement of emphasis changes the meaning of the sentence. The
[em] element thus forms an integral part of the content.

So I think <strong> is a better fit for your use case.

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