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This was supposed to be a reply to: "client-side image maps should be resizable". It seems to have made it
into http://forums.whatwg.org/viewtopic.php?t=158&sid=ad37bb715a4add4aaa76c92af83e0268; did you get a
blank message as well?

1) When I last looked the HTML4 standard never clarified whether percent 
units in an integer list for the COORDS= values in an <AREA> where 
relative to the size of the pixmap file, or relative to the displayed size 
(ie. relative to the WIDTH= and HEIGHT= values of the <IMG> using the <MAP>). 

I had really hoped the percent units were relative to the displayed size, which would make it so one set of COORDS= could be used for different sizes of the same image; making imagemap maintenance much 
easier when using resized images. 

Empirically, I found this not to be the case' at least with opera, firefox, 
chrome, iexplorer, .... and whatever else I tried at the time. 

2) Remembering this, I looked at the HTML5 spec. to see how it described the use of percent units for coordinates. 
A) I found it said coordinates could only be a list of integers as described in Does this mean percent coordinates are not allowed 
in HTMl5? 
B) As I read it states in the first paragraph that the only allowed 
delimiter is a comma; and specifically states spaces are not allowed. 

But in rule 6 of it seems to imply a space, comma, or semi-colon is an allowed delimiter in a "List of Integers". 

So .. did I miss something or are percent-units no longer allowed as coordinates? What are the delimiters allowed in a list of integers? And, I 
wish percent units scaled to the displayed image size ( as I mentioned in 
http://home.comcast.net/~urbanjost/semaphore.html ). If percent units are permitted, I think it would be worth mentioning what they are a percent 
of (image file units or displayed image size units).
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