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Simon Pieters zcorpan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 11:47:59 PDT 2009

On Sat, 27 Jun 2009 13:22:39 +0200, Keryx Web <webmaster at keryx.se> wrote:

> Hello all!
> I have updated my Best Practice Sheet at
> http://keryx.se/resources/html-elements/

<base> is now allowed in XHTML5 too.

Maybe it would make sense to have one column for HTML5 and one for XHTML5?

<basefont> is deprecated in HTML4.

<![CDATA[ ]]> is allowed in HTML5 but only in SVG and MathML contexts.

<eventsource> was dropped.

(X)HTML5 doesn't have <rbc>, <rtc>, <rb>.

The "?" label seems unused.

I guess <html>, <listing>, <xmp> should be labeled "B". <noscript>, <ins>,  
<del>, <meter>, <progress>, <keygen>, <object>, <canvas>, <embed>,  
<applet> are "I". <table> is marked "B" but is not display:block. I guess  
none of the frameset-related elements should have "B", since framesets  
can't be expressed with CSS. The <ruby>-related elements also have special  
values for 'display'. I'm not sure about <layer> and <nolayer> -- I think  
they're just unknown (and hence inline) in browsers these days.

<figure> is an "N" element. <isindex> is a bit weird since the parser  
expands it into <form>...<input>. <bb> can be either normal or replaced, I  
think. <command> is "I". I think <details> is always "N". HTML 5 doesn't  
say that <meter> or <progress> are replaced elements. <img> and <object>  
can be either "R" or "N". <audio> can be either "R" or "I". The "I" for  
<source> is left-aligned while the others are centered. <map> is a normal  
inline element. I wouldn't say <frameset> is an "N" -- maybe leave the  
cell empty. Same for <frame>. I think <xml> is invisible in IE.

> It now has an HTML 5 doctype and some experimental CSS transformations  
> (Only for the Fox 3.5 so far).

Nice. Hixie: some tables in the spec could benefit from the same styling.

> All feedback about the content is appreciated.
> I have also written the following on a blog of mine:
> http://itpastorn.blogspot.com/2009/06/validation-and-doctype-myths-and.html
> Title: Validation and doctype myths and (inconvenient) truths
> It's an effort to educate. Please let me know if anything can be  
> improved.

Simon Pieters

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