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Keryx Web webmaster at keryx.se
Tue Jun 30 03:17:00 PDT 2009

On 2009-06-30 11:56, Keryx Web wrote:
> I think I have addressed all of your concerns. An updated version is now
> up at: http://keryx.se/resources/html-elements/

FYI, here is the changelog:

More detailed explanations.

Print stylesheet, version is shown.

<base> allowed in XHTML 5 (spec change)

<basefont> is deprecated in HTML 4.01 (fix)

<ventsource> has been dropped *as an element* (spec change)

<html>, <listing>, <xmp> are B (block elements) (fix)

<a> Added "May contain block elements in (X)HTML 5."

<noscript>, <ins>, <del> <object>, <noembed> and <canvas> are now marked 
I*  (display: inline, but may contain block elements) (pedagogic change)

<embed>, <applet>, <meter>, <progress> and <keygen> are now marked I 
(inline) (fix)

<keygen> is now marked R (replaced) (fix)

Ruby elements are not marked inline anymore (blank) (pedagogic change)

Ruby elements <rbc>, <rtc> and <rb> marked as ? for HTML 5 (Not in spec, 
maybe never will be?)

<isindex> Is more described as they are treated by an HTML 5 parser. 
(pedagogic change)

<layer>, <nolayer>, <ilayer>, <xml>, <multicol>, <spacer> have no 
information any longer about inline/block

normal/invisible/replaced, since current behavior differs from the 
original intention (pedagogic change)

Expanded info about <isindex> (Block, text appears) (pedagogic change)

<details> is N (normal), not I/N/R (pedagogic change)

<thead> repeats on each page when printing (fix)

Table is now T (not B) (pedagogic change)

Keryx Web (Lars Gunther)

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