[html5] html 5 dtd

Stephen Caine stephen at commongrnd.com
Tue Mar 10 06:10:26 PDT 2009


We are revising an application that uses a dtd for validating and  
controlling a web form.  Specifically, a user is presented with a list  
of available tags, each tag is then shown with allowable attributes  
which are checked for the correct type of entry.  We also eliminate  
the need for a user to enter closing tags by using a parent/child  
outline layout.  This works great, but thinking about html 5, we are  
concerned in that no dtd is envisioned.  What alternatives exists or  
are contemplated for an html 5 dtd?

I would also like to know why an html 5 dtd cannot be created?  After  
reading the specification, it appears that html 5 will contain tags  
and attributes.  Furthermore, it appears that opening/closing tags are  
still part of the specification.  Can't the html 4 dtd be modified to  
accommodate html 5?

Thank you in advance,

Stephen Caine
Soft Breeze Systems, LLC

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