[html5] bufferedBytes removed from HTMLMediaElement?

Rik Sagar org.whatwg at sagar.org
Mon Mar 23 10:50:56 PDT 2009

I just noticed from the latest draft the ByteRanges bufferedBytes property
is no longer present on the HTMLMediaElements.  Why was that removed?

In my implementation of media middleware my experience is that bufferedBytes
is far better than TimeRanges buffered value for providing user feedback
about buffering and a more accurate estimate of how buffering is

The problem with generating and using the buffered value, is that the value
cannot be accurately generated with some A/V content/containers.  For
example, take an MP3 file the mp3 'spec' does not require the exact duration
or bitrate to be specified in the container.  For some files we must *estimate
*duration and buffered-time based on the frames (as they are downloaded) and
the content length.  Additionally variable bitrate encoding can be used,
meaning you can't assume how many seconds your "n" KBytes of data equates to
unless you inspect every frame of the audio.  Something you typically do in
different code to the code where you are buffering audio

I recommend putting the bufferedBytes property back into the media elements.

Rik Sagar, San Jose, CA 95124
Visit : http://sagar.org/
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