[html5] 答复: html 5 dtd

caoyipeng caoyp at cn.fujitsu.com
Tue Mar 10 17:32:00 PDT 2009

> No formal DTD exists, but you can create your own custom DTD for your 
> project.

> I would also like to know why an html 5 dtd cannot be created?  After 
> reading the specification, it appears that html 5 will contain tags and 
> attributes. Furthermore, it appears that opening/closing tags are still 
> part of the specification.  Can't the html 4 dtd be modified to 
> accommodate html 5?

> There's no official formal schema for HTML5 because we have found that 
>providing an official formal schema leads to people using that schema even 
>if it is buggy, never considering writing their own. By not having an 
>official formal schema, we have found that implementors are more likely to 
>write their own code, competing on quality.

Basically, a schema is code, just like a C++ implementation of the parsing 
model would be code, and just as it is unusual for a spec to have C++ 
code, it should (IMHO) be unusual for a spec to have formal schemas.

However, you are welcome to create your own formal schema implementations 
of HTML5.

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