[html5] html5 offline web apps

frank goossens futtta at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 02:14:34 PDT 2009

Morning list;
i'm experimenting with offline web apps and I'm having trouble
understanding the spec.

My concern boils down to these questions:
* is an (html-)page which contains a reference to a (correct)
manifest-file automatically added to the offline cache, even though it
is not mentioned in the manifest?
* if a resource which is added under "NETWORK:" always fetched from
the network, even if it is in the offline cache?

if the answers are "yes" and "no" (as they seem to be when testing in
FF3.5.3 and safari 4), does that mean that there is no way to "speed
up" an online app by offlining the static part of it (as wordpress
does with their gears-implementation)?

thanks for your feedback!

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