[html5] Are these applications in HTML5 scope?

Jeremy Orlow jorlow at chromium.org
Wed Sep 9 04:22:17 PDT 2009

2009/9/9 tali garsiel <t_garsiel at hotmail.com>

> Sorry , I guess I wasn't very clear.
> I'll try to explain myself , I'm afraid it will be long...
> I'm talking about large and complex intranet applications that provide a
> user interface for managing the actual product.
> The examples I gave are:
> HP performence center - it's an interface for performing load testing.
> Imperva SecureSphere - it's a security application. The interface is quite
> complex. You define your security policies , monitor your sites state and
> much more.
> I send those links because I think they demonstrate the typical level of
> complexity of such apps.
> The GUI is usualy quite complex but not as complex or speed dependant as
> lets say an IDE , photoshop or Microsoft Word.
> This type of apps share the same difficulty - they need to be webby
> (usually over WAN too) - but building web GUI is a nightmare - there is no
> good solution.
> Usually before creating such an application a vast research takes place as
> to the best GUI framework.
> The options considered are usualy HTML or Flex,javaFX or some other non
> HTML framework.
> All the applications I know chose HTML , with a server side GUI layer like
> JSF.
> The development was always hard and time consuming.
> Sorry for the speech but what I ask is:
> Do HTML5 authers think that these large complex applications should use
> HTML5?
> If so - what is the correct model?
> Possible models can be:
> 1. A large and smart GUI layer at the server that will generate HTML.This
> approch is based on the implicit assumption that the HTML,javascript layer
> is stupid and slow and should not do much.
> 2. An HTML,javascript centric GUI that gets mostly data from the server.

I think these are all possible options and the HTML and associated specs try
to make all of them possible.  Any further discussion is really off topic
for this list, but there are definitely a lot of toolkits out there to help
you construct your app.  As far as I can tell, there's been a good feedback
loop of toolkit developers pushing the envelope, browser vendors optimizing
the hot spots, and the spec adding features only when necessary.  I hope
that answers your question.

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