[html5] OpenClass on HTML5 at New Delhi, India

Martin Gainty mgainty at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 3 05:17:45 PDT 2010

from this side of the earth I dont see that happening if the US and European governments all use flash presentation for the majority of their sites
2 questions:
How does HTML5 handle specific video formats: mp3..avi and or flv/fla?
which technology does the Indian government endorse for their sites?
As far as taglibs we have JSF/Struts/JSTL taglibs and a plethora of JS libraries we can use 
although it would be nice to have attribute standardisation as well as 
standards on which EL to use {PerlRegEx vs OGNL} for populating content of those tags

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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 15:21:14 +0530
From: saurabh at skjworld.com
To: help at lists.whatwg.org
Subject: [html5] OpenClass on HTML5 at New Delhi, India


We are organizing an OpenClass on HTML 5 at New Delhi, India. Interested people can register or know more at http://openclass.eventbrite.com/ .

The following are the topics which we will cover :

HTML 5 Canvas
HTML 5 Video
HTML 5 Audio
HTML 5 Local Storage
HTML 5 Geo Location
HTML 5 Appcache
HTML 5 New Tags
SVG and HTML 5
Role of WHATWG and W3C
Will HTML 5 mean the demise of Flash ?
HTML 5 Ecosystem - Browsers, Libraries etc
HTML 5 Standardization ProcessSince it is an open class, we are ready to cover any topic which you want to be covered in the class if it is related to HTML 5.

Saurabh Jain
SKJ Technologies Private Limited
Author : Mobile Phone Programming using Java ME (J2ME)

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