[html5] css for video player

Patrick Perroud pperroud at overliner.com
Wed Feb 10 00:02:23 PST 2010

On 9 Feb 2010, at 16:53 , Andre Osku Schmidt wrote:

> ps. when do we get Safari for Linux? ;P

I am not sure to understand what in this snippet is bound to Safari: it's true it's not working for Firefox and Opera but it does work for Safari AND for Chrome quite nicely...

Correct me if I was wrong but to me this custom <video> control was directly implemented in JavaScritpt using a given CSS - not by the browser but by a script on server side - and since it doesn't work for all browsers then one could assume we are running into an usual issue: not all browser are handling same so called "standards" like JavaScritpt  or CSS the very same ways...

Therefore what's questionable about such a snippet is to find out WHY it only works on Safari and Chrome but not for Firefox and Opera - instead of asking "Safari for Linux" - which will never happen as one could certainly guess...

If it was really fully implemented in Javascript - but is it? - then this is probably a Javascript interpretator issue in web browsers that has nothing to do in HTML5 but most probably with diverging Javascript implementations - which sounds worse to me...

What is also questionable about this snippet - for me at least - is another issue: we are said it's HTML5 (but it's !DOCTYPE is 4.0.1 strict) and CSS3 (but CSS is not versionnized - as far as I know). 

I do understand that implementing HTML5 in web browsers should not break former HTML spec support but I had a feeling that adding a <video> tag should lead to an HTML5 doctype - which is not the case here: am I wrong or correct assuming a good practice is to switch to HTML5 !DOCTYPE if any HTML5 tag  is used in the document?

(I don't see what's the hack of keeping it to HTML 4 if it's using HTML5 only features: could it be the reason it's not working for Firefox and Opera?)

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Patrick Perroud

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