[html5] Address/Email/Phone Elements

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Wed Jul 28 15:39:09 PDT 2010

On Thu, 8 Apr 2010, winthan at artgarden.asia wrote:
> Well, we have now <address> tags supports in every browsers now.
> But is there any tags for email, webURL, Phone, zipcode. I don't think 
> we do have them yet.
> <address>
> 123 HTML 5
> <zipcode>10017</zipcode>
> Phone:<phone>12345678</phone>
> <webURL>www.HTML5.com</webURL>
> <email>HTML5 at HTML5.com</email>
> </address>

Note that <address> is not for postal addresses. It's for contact 
information for the Web page's author.

> As you know, we have used callto:+123456789 in href attribute of <a> 
> element. But I feel like it is not successful tag too. That works only 
> in IE for net-meeting calling.

tel: works pretty reliably in phones these days.

> [...]create new tags for <phone> to make call with VOIP services from 
> Browsers. VOIP services can be added like search engines we have in 
> browsers. Users can define which VOIP services they want to use.

You can do this with tel: pretty reliably. I don't think we need a new 

> I would like to add webURL elements for next draft, as you know, we can 
> save time for coding. whatever we use website name with WebURL, the site 
> will be open in new browser.

<a href="...">...</a> isn't such a big deal.

> Regarding about Email tags we can use for next HTML, we can protect our 
> email address from email address crawler/Grabber/Spider.  On the other 
> hands,when you click that email address, appropriate email client will 
> take action to send the email like we do have now 
> "mailto:email at domain.com" for a tag.

Surely an e-mail address crawler could just decode the e-mail address just 
like a mail client could?

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