[html5] Discussion around standardizing "dynamic content loading" behavior

Getify Solutions, Inc. getify at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 15:08:15 PST 2010

I wanted to get some thoughts on, and start a discussion around, the need for standardizing how content should be handled by the browser when dynamically loaded. 

By "dynamic content loading", I generally mean loading content (such as .js, .css, .html, and even Ajax requests) to a page on-demand (usually after page-load), using for instance document.createElement(...);

Specifically, I have run across numerous vexing bugs in various browsers (including Safari, Chrome, even Firefox) relating to how such content is handled in the browser's cache. Under some circumstances, the cache is used too aggressively (and thus caches things when it shouldn't)... under other circumstances, it doesn't use the cache when it should. In both cases, it leads to poorer performance and unexpected behavior for users.

Also, I've found bugs (with Chrome) regarding how it handles many concurrent Ajax requests (locks up under certain circumstances).

Since dynamic content loading is becoming more and more of an important performance and functional technique, I think it's time their be an authoritative standard on how things should behave, to try and cut down on all these cross-browser content loading and caching bugs.

For reference, here's some of the bugs I've filed over the last 6+ months about this topic:


I'm curious what others think about how and if such standardization should occur?


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