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I've some discussions with my team.
The first discussion was the correct use of the dl (definition list). Before
the HTML5 the dl tag was a "definition list" n' the specification said that
we should use in cases of dictionary data (Not usual for "Name: Jack", but
usual for "Name: Nominal ID for a person").
Now, in the new specification, the dl is "description list" and de
definition is: "Name-value groups may be terms and definitions, metadata
topics and values, questions and answers, or any other groups of name-value
data.". So it's not more a discussion =)

But other discussion is "ol" or "ul" for forms. What's more correct?
Here a example by alistapart with use of "ol":

In HTML5 spec says: "The
represents <http://dev.w3.org/html5/spec/rendering.html#represents> a list
of items, where the items have been intentionally ordered, such that
changing the order would change the meaning of the document."

I think that the correct is use ul, because, for example, in a form with
"name" n' "age" if we change the order of fields, the meaning is the same.

What do you know?

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