[html5] general question about the semantic web

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You should take a look also at Microformats, Activity Streams and the Open
Graph Protocol as well to understand why smeantics are important. Adding
semantics and more metadata into what we publish to the web allows for
better much smarter surfacing and consumptions of the data provided the
efforts are documented and ideally standardized.

On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 9:53 AM, onno de jong <onno at circularcreation.com>wrote:

> If this question is too general, please point me to more specific links.
> I'm wrapping my head around the notion of a semantic web, or making the web
> friendly for machines to interpret meaning so as to facilitate data such
> that humans can better consume the content, what Tim Berners-Lee now calls
> linked data, as I understand it.
> To what extent did these semantic requirements drive the original
> development of XHTML 2? and what role should these semantic indicators play
> in the way content ought to be marked up in HTML5?
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