[html5] empty cells

Brian Tremblay webmaster at tsmchughs.com
Mon Dec 5 20:12:10 PST 2011

On 5/11/11 8:00 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Mar 2011, webmaster wrote:
>> I'm seeing what I think is a bug in Safari with regard to empty cells in
>> a table. I have a restaurant dinner menu marked up as a table:
>> http://www.tenmercer.com/menu/dinner
>> The first tr of each tbody element contains only a th element.
>> Each subsequent tr has 3 cells: a th and two tds. My style
>> sheet has a rule to place a border-bottom on tbody tr:first-child. In
>> Firefox, the border extends across the table, but not in Safari.
> Yeah, that seems like a bug in the CSS border rendering for tables. I
> recommend filing a bug at http://bugs.webkit.org/. Feel free to cc me
> (ian at hixie.ch is my account).

I never did file the bug. I've now created 2 test cases:


This is a simplified test case of the bug I first noticed on the 
tenmercer.com site (see url in quoted text above). Firefox gets it 
right; webkit does not.


This is a test case using the separate border model and border around 
<td> elements. Firefox and webkit get this one wrong (unless I 
misunderstand the border model).

If the tests look correct to you, I'm going to file the bugs.

Brian Tremblay

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