[html5] HTML5 without namespaces

Jesper Tverskov jesper.tverskov at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 00:44:59 PDT 2011

Hi list

When HTML5 is served with mimetype "text/html" we don't need namespace
declarations for SVG and MathM, or for ARIA (accessibility)
attributes. They are all part of the spec and given special treatment.

As I have understood it, something more or less similar is under way
to support RDFa inside HTML5 served with mimetype "text/html".


I don't know if RDFa has to become part of the HTML5 spec to be
integrated into HTML5 served with mimetype "text/html" or if there is
some other way to allow RDFa inside HTML5?

Now my main question:

What are our options, the day we would like to support other
applications in HTML5, like, let us say "musicScoreML", "VoiceML",
etc,  (I'm just making them up, for the argument, we don't care if
they exist or if they are relevant to include or not)?

Will we need to make a new version of the spec, to include the new
applications the way it has been done with SVG, MathML and ARIA, or do
we have other options?

We could of course just use XHTML5, that it HTML5 served with
"application/xhtml+xml", but I find it very unlikely that the browsers
will ever start supporting a new application if there is no way to use
it in HTML5 served as "text/html".

Jesper Tverskov

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