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Mathias Roth mroth at trade-service.eu
Sat Jun 4 10:27:19 PDT 2011

Dear developers


I've spent some time this weekend trying to find out why
http://validator.w3.org does declare most of the "rel" attributes in head
and body, recommended by XFN, hCard, Dublin Core, ICBM and others, as
non-valid since some days. Some of them are very etablished, some of them
are yet unofficial, but used widely.


Not even the quite useful <link rel="canonical" validates anymore!


I've read about the deprecated "profile" tag, and replaced it by "prefetch"
in the head (which I guess only works in FF), and added an <a rel="profile"
href=http://gmpg.org/xfn/11> to the bottom, as recommended by Tantik Celik.


What I don't understand: HTML5 and Microformats are in the same way
supported by the same group of people, I guess it's You. WordPress makes
heavy use of both (what I really like), hence a default "twentyten" site
will now show up about 80 "errors" in the validator, as well as mine (e.g.
http://strassen-030.de/) since that day. This doesn't seem to make much
sense to me, as Matt Mullenweg is also part of the W3C group.


I've decided to remove all my "valid html" validator links for now (although
I really hate to not have it on 100%, and that is still the fact), and to
keep on using what I have: HTML5 templates and microdata - hoping that this
is a passing muddle. If there is any other way, your advice is very welcome.





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