[html5] onclick vs. onsubmit

Joseph Oreste Bruni jblist at me.com
Thu Mar 24 14:25:36 PDT 2011

Sorry. Here is the html boiled down to a test case:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p><input type=submit onclick="return confirm('Allow?')"></p>

The error message is as follows:

Error: Bad value return confirm('Allow?') for attribute onclick on element input: invalid return
From line 8, column 4; to line 8, column 57
<form>↩<p><input type=submit onclick="return confirm('Allow?')"></p>↩<

Perhaps only the validator is invalid?

On Mar 24, 2011, at 2:15 PM, Randy Drielinger wrote:

> What was the exact error message? That helps :)
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> Hi folks,
> I have a form with two submit buttons. Based on which submit button is clicked, I'd like to present different confirmations prior to allowing the submission to proceed. Originally, I just used the onclick attribute with a function that essentially called confirm(). Returning false would cancel the submission. Each button had its own click event handler and everything was working as expected.
> However, in attempting to make sure my markup is correct, I passed my page through the validator which complained about the return value in the click event handler. The error message was a bit cryptic, but I'm assuming that click events are not supposed to be cancelable (even though the browsers let me do that).
> To do the "right thing" I figured I need to hook my javascript into the submit event stream instead. However, how can I determine which submit button fired the submission? Is this encoded in the submit event? Is there some state in the button itself I can query from the event handler? What's wrong with returning false from the click event handler to stop the form submission?
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