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Jukka K. Korpela jukka.k.korpela at kolumbus.fi
Sun May 15 23:45:50 PDT 2011

16.5.2011 9:16, Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

>> 2. Can I use<hgroup> within an<a> tag?
> Yes, but should you

Oops, I forgot to complete this part...

What I meant to say is that a construct like

<a href="#">

is _allowed_ in HTML5, but the question is whether it would make sense 
and be useful.

I won't discuss the rendering and usability issue here, as it is a 
general problem with "block links" (<a href> with block-like elements 
inside it): what will it look like, and will users recognize it as a 
link, and will they recognize it as _a_ link (and not several separate 
links, due to possible appearance of separate underlined texts).

The _specific_ issue here is what the heading group would link to. It is 
difficult to imagine good uses for such links - as opposite to, say, 
combinations of texts and images that act as a news or ad "teaser" and 
acting as a single link to the full news article or advertorial.

If the href value "#" is to be taken nominally and not just a 
placeholder, then the link would point to the start of the document. 
That is allowed in HTML5, as in previous versions of HTML, but it is 
seldom useful. "Back to start [of page]" links are generally unnecessary 
and potentially very confusing. Even the naive separate "Back to start" 
or "Back to top" links are less confusing! At least they make it obvious 
that they are not normal links.

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