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Hi Golden,


I have found the mailing list over at http://webstandardsgroup.org/ to
be a very helpful and informative resource.





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I'd like to advise against going to W3Schools for advice on their site
though, there are many more resources to assist you

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 5:06 PM, Jacob Kristensen <admin at blueboden.com>

Well you are in the right place. Though the list is very inactive in


People mostly talk when someone sends off an e-mail, and someone else
"remembers" that they are a member of the list, and for whatever reason
decides to ask something themselves, or reply to whatever what asked.


As for other places, theres a very active forum at phpfreaks, you will
usually have 1-3 members responding very fast if you create a post.

W3schools also got a forum, not sure how active it is though.

Jacob Kristensen



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Subject: [html5] New to group..


Hello Group, 


I just registered and new to WHATWG. I am looking for an online
community to 

get support in html and web standards. Just want to make sure that I am

the right place. Error! Filename not specified. 


Also what other online community's can you recommend that fall into the
same niche?


I see this is also a working group. How much work has WHATWG put into
the creation 

and development of HTML5. How do these standards get approved exactly? 


Thanks in advance!




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Help mailing list
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Justin Avery


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