[html5] Help required: 3d immersive Virtual Environment Development on WEB

Junaid Shah sydjunaidshah at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 05:51:43 PDT 2011

Hi ALL .. .... .... 

 Actually I want to develop a 3d Virtual environment on the web (with no plugin or installations) i.e Completely on the web(Website)
  i.e 3d Virtual Tour of my univrsity campus as my final project as my software engineering graduation and I have to start it ,,, for that I must have to submit proposal of my project
As I'm a student and have Less available time and knowledge and also I must have to deposit the final working dileverable..
please  help me and suggest tools for desigining 3d immersive virtual environment on the web and platform and languages that supports me in this regard I;ve explored these names so far 

--> I've found many platforms/technologies :  Flash, WebGL, 3dmlw, GoogleO3d, Java3d, X3D, VRML, Unity3D, Infinity, 3d technology R&D
PaperVision,, Google SketchUp,     HTML5       , MAYA 
or plz tell if any other available and not listed  other not listed 

Also please refer mr to the person you think that he'll/she help me 

please help me

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