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Laurence Gillian lau at voodoodog.com
Sun Apr 15 07:27:37 PDT 2012


I've been following WHATWG for the last few years, but normally I can
figure out the problems! I've got a question with regards to nesting inside
a table.
The scenario is pulling data from a fairly complex XML document, where the
data is nested. But let's pretend it's a bit simpler for this ;)


-- Node
-- Node
-- Node
-- Node

Which in the real world is;

Security Team A (a:allowed cups of tea = 18, b:cups of tea drunk = 14)
-- Joe (8,2)
-- Bob (8,8)
-- John (2,4)

The data is consistent between each node, as they use the same schema, and
can be nested to any depth.

Currently I can't see how to represent this relationship using the table

It's not possible to nest a tbody, inside a tbody, or say to use
section/article tags to group the content as you might with say comments?

Hope that makes some kind of sense! Laurie

Laurence Gillian

20a Brownlow Mews,
London, WC1N 2LA

lau at voodoodog.com
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