[html5] Processing instruction

David Leunen leunen.d at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 04:48:54 PST 2012


How do I markup a metadata at a specific position in an HTML document ? Not
*on* elements (I'd use microdata/RDFa for that) but, let's say, *between*
two of them for example.
As I understand it, processing instructions are not allowed in HTML5. Am I
correct ?
If so, what is the equivalent  ?

 Should I use :
- an empty <span data-foo="bar"/> for that ?
- an empty <hr> ?
- a comment ?
- a PIs anyway (because even if not allowed, they seem to be treated like
comments anyway) ?
- something else ?

(The semantic meaning of the metadata is more of less "this is where my
application may insert comments")

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