[html5] HTML5 canvas suggestions

Sigurd Lerstad sigurd.lerstad at gmail.com
Wed May 8 16:02:10 PDT 2013

A few canvas API suggestions:



drawTintedImage(image, tintR, tintG, tintB, tintA, ...)

the rest of the arguments would be the same as for drawImage


What this method does is the same as drawImage, but it multiplies each color
component with the passed rgba values.


A search on google reveals that a lot of people want this feature, but
instead must resort to other slower solutions, like
getImageData/putImageData or drawing three separate images with compositing
of "lighter". I myself also miss this feature.



drawColorTransformedImage(image, colorTransform, ..)


Basically same as above, but instead passes a complete 4x5 colorTransform
(either an array or some kind of ColorMatrix object ?)



Sigurd Lerstad


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