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Hi Veli,
It is really up to whether you want to follow WHATWG or W3 Standard.
Here are my impressions on what both try to achieve:
In W3 the main element's purpose is to outline the content of the entire body as distinct from headers and footers present in the body
In WHATWG the main element's purpose is to outline the content of a some container, which may be the body itself, but not necessarily.
Undeniably, the WHATWG standard is more useful - in cases where there is a single content item, the WHATWG standard resembles W3's usage, but when this is not suitable such as in a blog, the WHATWG standard makes more sense.
Further, in the W3 standard, there is a suggestion that browsers allow keyboard navigation to main elements to allow the user to skip over nav elements and similar, however this kind of navigation would make much more sense when there are multiple main elements that the user can toggle through, such as in a blog following WHATWG standard. 
On the other hand, by using the W3 standard, you are going to be more complient with WHATWG than your compliance with W3 while using WHATWG standard.
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 19:34:32 +0100
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Subject: [html5] main element

hello,the description of the main element in WHATWG differs so much from the reccomondation of html5 at w3 that we could say they are contrary.
Which should we follow?

best regards

Veli Senol

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