[html5] CSS for File Upload Button

Siva Kumar nylsiva at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 02:52:12 PST 2014


 i am trying to create upload button using HTML like

 <input type="file" />

i need to create customized browse button with my own text and colors
*with the only help of CSS*.

For this i have some query's please clarify me the below points

   1. like other buttons why i cant customize this button easily. is
there any reason behind that.

   2. why all browser are not having unique format( some have textbox
then browse button , some have browse button only).

   3. is there any idea to improve this in future.

Thanks in Advance

*Thanks & Regards,*
M.Sivakkumar M.B.A.,M.C.A.,
UI Developer
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