[html5] How to mark up FAQ

Jens O. Meiert jens at meiert.com
Mon Mar 17 10:47:30 PDT 2014

Two very quick cents:

> <h1>Question</h1>
> <p>Answer</p>
> <h1>Question</h1>
> <p>Answer</p>

Since you probably have a <h1> (“FAQ”?) these might turn into <h2>s,
which should result in quite sensible markup.

> I searched but couldn't find anything related to marking up FAQs in the
> spec, (including section 4.13).

I’m not sure this is a use case that’s spec-worthy. Ultimately an FAQ
is like any other article (in a document sense), just with the
convention of phrasing each heading as a question. (Haven’t pondered
much about this but feels right at the time of writing ;)

Jens O. Meiert

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