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Steve Faulkner faulkner.steve at gmail.com
Wed May 28 12:38:43 PDT 2014

> On 28 May 2014, 
> Hixie wrote:
> You're looking at the W3C fork of the HTML spec.
> The WHATWG standard says:
>   Contexts in which this element can be used:
>   Where flow content is expected.
> See:http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/grouping-content.html#the-main-element
> Differences like this are why I've previously asked the W3C to stop 
> forking the WHATWG specs, but they have so far refused.
> HTH,
> -- 
> Ian Hickson 

We understand how you like to rewrite the history of HTML Ian,

But the <main> element and its definition is not and never has been a fork of the WHATWG spec. Attempting to argue otherwise just makes you look silly. Please remember you don't own HTML.

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