[Imps] [ANN] Father Christmas is a bit early this year…

Thomas Broyer t.broyer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 06:51:48 PST 2006

ANNONCING "Twintsam" – because The Web Is Not Tag Soup Any More

As I annonced last week on the WHATWG list, I've started an HTML5
parser in C# (for .NET 2.0).

I finished the tokenizer implementation (coding "blinded") yesterday
evening and spent some time today to run the unit tests borrowed from
html5lib project; and 'know what? apart two or three typos, they all
passed !!!

The code is placed under the MIT licence and is available at

I'm using svn:externals to grab the test-case files from the html5lib
subversion repository; and you'll need python with simplejson to
convert them into C# code with dependency on either NUnit or
Microsoft's unit-testing framework (defaults to NUnit thanks to the
Twintsam.Test.csproj.user file).
Conversion of unit-test data to C# code is done automatically by
MSBuild when you run the "Build" target; by calling python scripts.
Only those unit-test data files that are included in the project with
a "Build Action" equal to TokenizationTestData or
TreeConstructionTestData will be processed.
As the tree-construction stage is not yet implemented, also is the
"test-data to C# code" conversion (it only creates empty files for
now, so compilation runs well).

Thomas Broyer

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