[Imps] Test cases for parsing spec

Sam Ruby rubys at intertwingly.net
Thu Dec 7 04:09:37 PST 2006

James Graham wrote:
> FWIW, I've started writing tokenizer testcases that are simply one-line 
> eval-able python expressions of the form:
> [input, expected output, description]
> e.g. ["<h a='b'>", [["StartTag", "h", {'a':'b'}]], "Start Tag w/attribute"]

s/{'a':'b'}/{"a":"b"}/ and you have http://www.json.org/

> This form is clearly suboptimal (it's verbose, has lots of line noise, 
> requires everything to be on a single line) but hopefully, since it can 
> be parsed easily, we will be able to convert it to a better format in 
> the future.

+1.  The format is fungible.  What we need is the data.

- Sam Ruby

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