[Imps] Adding "content model flags" to tokenization tests

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jan 3 08:07:30 PST 2007

Thomas Broyer wrote:
> 2006/12/28, Thomas Broyer:
>> 2006/12/23, James Graham:
>> >
>> > [1] An example of something that, at present  can only be checked
>> > through a parser test is the proper tokenizing of a fragment like
>> > <plaintext><head>&body;
>> How about adding a new "parameter" to tests to set the initial
>> "content model flag" (defaulting to "PCDATA" if not present)?
> I've finally created some test cases (attached) with a
> "contentModelFlags" property whose value is a list of "content model
> flag"s. The test case is then run successively with the same input and
> expected output but initialized with a different "content model flag".
> If the property is not given, it defaults to ["PCDATA"] (a list with a
> single value "PCDATA").

That's; I've added these to the html5lib svn repository and updated our 
test framework to run the new tests.

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